New Version Of Google Talk Leaked

By Nathan Weinberg
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Philipp has a nice scoop: Google has quietly put a new version of Google Talk up for download, with no public announcement. Download it now, in case them yank it!

So, what’s new? The big new feature is buddy icons, or whatever Google chooses to call them. In your IM client, click the little image of a torso and head to change it to any of 30 pictures, or use any picture by dropping it in your My Documents\My Pictures\Google Talk folder. Pictures must be 96×96 pixel bitmaps.

Another new feature is that you can select a Chat Theme, that will determine how conversations look. You hit the Appearance section in Settings, and you have five themes to choose from: Classic, Bubble (the one in the screenshot), Serene (light red and blue bars with names in them, right aligned, while chat text remains left-aligned), Swiss (plain black lettering and single black seperator lines) and Ping Pong. All the themes, except Ping Pong, come with and without the contact’s picture. Ping is a plain theme that puts one chatter aligned on the left, picture and all, and one aligned on the right.

Another new feature: A contact card appears when you rollover someone in the buddy list, like in Gmail. You can see that in the screenshot. Right now, this contains no additional information, and is kind of useless, unless you want to see a bigger version of the person’s picture.

The new version is, the previous I had installed was

Other minor changes: New Add and View buttons, the latter with sorting and interface options; alert have close buttons (and dissapear when you right-click on them); links in chats are not underlined until you rollover.

More screenshots here.

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14 Responses to “New Version Of Google Talk Leaked”

  1. Libran Lover Says:

    Does not make sense to let ME choose a picture for my buddy. Would have made more sense if my buddy could put up a picture for me to see… as in Yahoo Messenger!

  2. Devin Reams | New Google Talk | Says:

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  3. Michael Akerman Says:

    “Would have made more sense if my buddy could put up a picture for me to see… as in Yahoo Messenger!”

    Or, well, any of the other clients.

    If GTalk, as they say, will eventually work with the AIM network, I would imagine the buddy icons would have to be set by the user individually (that is, only for himself), or at least GTalk will have to support that.

    Incidentally, why am I not using GTalk to chat on AIM yet?

  4. Michael Akerman Says:

    Well, I’ve been checking the new version out.

    Can you change your buddies’ buddy icons? I seem to be only able to change mine.

    Which would make it a moot point.

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  8. jay Says:

    u can select ur own avatar if u wish

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    […] My favorite new feature is the new buddy icons available. … new feature is that you can select a Chat Theme, that will determine how conversations look. - BNC […]

  10. Ricker Says:

    There is a full review on with all the changes in this version

  11. Britney Says:

    My favorite feature is the buddy icon as well. This new stuff is alot of fun to play with!

  12. kieranwells Says:

    how do u work it

  13. chandra bhal singh Says:

    it is good to see my buddy icon.this new stuff is now comparable with yahoo.

  14. Brock Says:

    idd :)

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