Google Style GuGe Logo

By Nathan Weinberg

Liew has done what Google probably should have done itself: Create a primary-colored version of the GuGe letters of 谷歌, making the Chinese letters resemble the world-famous Google logo. It looks great.

GuGe - Google logo in Chinese

Dennis Hwang must be pissed. I wonder if he was planning on doing something like this for By the by, shows this:

Here’s a barely related story: Yahoo has rebranded AltaVista’s BabelFish as Yahoo BabelFish, bringing the translation technology closer to Yahoo’s other services. Now, you can translate up to 150 words at a time, translate whole web pages, and get translations through a single click on the Yahoo Toolbar. It supports 38 languages, including tranlating simplified Chinese into traditional, and vice-versa.

Best of all, from Barry:

Also, France and Germany users have an additional feature named “Search Translator,” a feature that “searcher’s queries and looks across the entire Web in multiple languages to find the most comprehensive set of relevant results. Yahoo! Search results are returned on one multi-lingual page.”

I’ve long believed that language independent search is a requirement for the ideal search engine. In this ideal engine, the web would be indexed by the meaning of the words, not the words themselves, so that if you searched for something, you’d get every page that discussed the concept, not pages with that specific word. Removing the language barrier (when translation gets better) means any website, made by any person in any language, can be read by the entire internet, and I think we’d all like that.

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