Google Press Day 2006 Live Blogging, Part Five

By Jason Schramm

2:33 PM: Tapping my foot while I wait for the next presentation to begin with Jonathan Rosenberg and Marissa Mayer. Good music.

2:35 PM: A video plays on what Google can do for people. A man who found health info from Google that saved his newborn son from having a major procedure. A man who sells furniture and other products by advertising on Google. An author who uses Google to “compete with the Tom Clancy’s of the world.” Google’s his own name to find his exposure online, and Google Book Search helped his sales skyrocket.

2:40 PM: Jonathan and Marissa enter the stage.

2:41 PM: Jonathan Rosenberg is speaking. Scope of their innovation gets lost in the “malstrom of criticism” when someone does something new.

Google solar system

2:46 PM: Marissa Meyer to talk about the 70% of Google. Google is more comprehensive, covers more ground. “Relevance is about complicated math that gives you the right results in the right order.” As the web grows each order of magnitude requires new tools. Google spent the last year to make things faster.

2:48 PM: Most of the products they roll out later will focus on the user interface/experience around search.

2:52 PM: (J) Google is in 109 interface languages. Gmail is in 38 languages. Going through a history of Google products, and how they can now acquire companies that over great products. The model is scaling. Ads engine is in very early stages.

innovation, not instant perfection

2:54 PM: (M) Launch early and often. Don’t expect products to work. Google Video and the Google Toolbar were examples of this. Google Desktop product development cycle is halving. Should be due for another one right about now, says to stay tuned for the product launch section of the presentation.

2:59 PM: They keep switching off to each other and I’m getting confused. Now Jonathan is talking about products you may have missed, such as the Google Pack and Google Maps for mobile.

3:02 PM: Introducing Google Trends. Lets you search Gooogle traffic, and sort by geography. You can create your own Zeitgeist. You can see a chart of the search volume, and it looks a lot like Google Finance.

3:06 PM: (M) Google Desktop version 4 is here. Google Gadgets is the cornerstone. Takes the sidebar up one more level to let you have gadgets anywhere on your screen. It’s like Yahoo’s Widgets or Apple’s Dashboard, but it lets you interact with the gadgets while you are using the computer. They also have integration with Google Calendar. A plant that grows and blooms as your mouse interacts with it.

They built recommendations into Google Desktop. They can recommend gadgets that you would like based on your usage habits. Google Desktop can also create a personalized homepage personalized to what it already knows about you.

Google Desktop now reflects your changes across your installs of it. If you change the scratch pad on one computer, it is reflected on your other.

3:12 PM: Google Co-Op leverages the expertise of their users. Can work with others to refine results. Allows people to create verticles. Google Health vertical is based on Google Co-Op.

3:18 PM: Google Notebook will be available on Google Labs next week. Lets anyone with a Google account and the plugin installed to collect links from search results. You can then select pieces of the pages and make notes on them. It’s hard to see from the tiny video that is playing. You can make your notebook public and email it to friends and family.

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  1. Niraj Says:

    For Google Coop, I get how the health and other topics work, but the rest of it seems confusing. I’m not sure how the user-created services get added to your searches…do you have to seek them out?

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