Google Press Day 2006 Live Blogging, Part Six

By Jason Schramm

The products have been released and now I’m going to attempt to cover some of Marissa and Jonathan’s Q&A.

Real-time satellite imagery would be expensive and require a lot more satellites.

There is the opportunity to apply the dMarc platform to television. They believe television will become a more search based paradigm.

Mentions Co-Op as their first forays into social search. Don’t see clustering as being good on a board topic. Sometimes not as valuable to have users sort through clusters, than to just give the right results on the first page.

Doing a lot to add meta-tags to photos. Hard to find what the focused ad is to be applied to the picture. They are working on recognition to search images better.

Marissa thinks the definition of what search is and how it works will evolve over time. We’re seeing these new and imaginative areas. Jonathan says there are all sorts of ways to improve and for ads to improve. Making the ads that they marry to search much, much better.

They don’t force monetization onto products to early. They’re not focused initially on the monetization. Advertising follows consumers.

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