Googleheads? WTF?!?

By Nathan Weinberg

Valleywag points out the weirdest thing I’ve seen in at least three hours (I see a lot of weirdness): Googleheads, a strange, cheeseball music video.

I have no idea what is going on here, and Valleywag has wisely placed it in the “WTF” category. If you don’t know what WTF stands for, just walk into a room after your friend has given himself a long beard made entirely out of whipped cream. That exclamation you made? That’s WTF.

Philipp points out that the song is by Laurie Berkner, and provides us with some lyrics. The song can be found on iTunes (iTunes link, anyone?). Here’s the Laurie Berkner page on Google music search (the song can be found on her Victor Vito and Laurie albums).

June 1, 2006 by Nathan Weinberg in:

3 Responses to “Googleheads? WTF?!?”

  1. Haochi Says:

    This video is really getting on my nerve…
    “WTF” is the first word/phrase comes to my mind…
    Ok, here’s the iTunes link for the song.
    or just search “GoogleHeads” in iTunes Music Store.
    and here is the link to Google Music(ok, Music Search).

  2. TDavid Says:

    WTF is right! LOL

  3. danyvip Says:


    First of all sorry for posting totally offtopic. I have one remark for you and one question..

    R: In the “powered by wordpress” link on the bottom of the page you link to instead of wordpress..

    Q: I like what you have done with adsense on your webpage.. Can I have some clues on how can I reach something similar? Is this ok with google?

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