SF Gate On The YouTube Dilemma

By Nathan Weinberg

I talked to Ellen Lee of the San Francisco Chronicle a few weeks ago, and the article is now live for your reading pleasure. What was already a fine article is made into a masterpiece with a few paragraphs on me, all of which display how humble I am…

Uh, yeah. Just read it. It’s good, and I get some mainstream attention. The article is about the “Screw YouTube” story of last month, with a recap of the copyright issues that have plagued YouTube, and lots of opinions from so-called experts (not me) and brilliant bloggers (yup, me). It all underscores why we need services like VidMirror, which I wrote up this morning. Here’s my part, near the end:

Nathan Weinberg of New York says Hollywood needs to find a balance between protecting its best interests while also supporting its biggest fans. A few months ago, Weinberg was watching an episode of the Fox television show “24″ when he noticed one of the characters — a terrorist — using Google Earth to pinpoint a target. Weinberg, who writes about Google on his blog, used his digital camera to record a rough one-minute clip, and then posted it on his blog and on YouTube.

Soon thereafter, Weinberg, who was also one of several users to upload a “Saturday Night Live” skit onto YouTube earlier this year, was kicked off the Web site for breaking its copyright rules once too often.

It didn’t seem fair to Weinberg, who felt he was just trying to share something he found entertaining. “I saw something interesting and threw it online to show other people,” he said. “It’s something that helps promote television shows and lets (people) know there’s something interesting out there.”

If anyone from the media would like to contact me, there are two email addresses at the bottom of this page which are quite reliable these days, thanks to BoxTrapper.

Wait, I didn’t get a link! Where’s my lawyer?!

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