Blogger Gets RSS

By Nathan Weinberg

Finally! Derek Jones reports that Google has finally given Blogger RSS feeds, perhaps abandoning part of their stubborness in sticking with the less popular Atom format. In my mind, it was always “evil” to use Atom purely as part of some sort of agenda. RSS/Atom should be chosen by users, not publishers, since users deserve choice. I think many of us should be glad to see the new RSS feeds.

Randy Morin gives the feeds an A-, since there are some elements that are incorrectly implemented.

Andy C calls it a “shock”, and says:

Odd to compare Google’s relative inactivity with all the features, languages, statistics, themes and functionality added to WordPress in the last six months.

June 7, 2006 by Nathan Weinberg in:

One Response to “Blogger Gets RSS”

  1. Canny Says:

    Nways! Atleast atlast you got it. “Something is always better than nothing”, hardly matters if its Atom format.

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