GooglePages Hacked/Not Hacked

By Coolz0r

Websense reported that Google pages has been hacked and is hosting malicious Trojan code for people to download, said ZD|Net. Later on, the statement has been withdrawn and a Google statement has been released to clarify things…

George Ou has been in touch with a Google rep and states the following on his blog:

A Google representative has informed me that Google pages was not hacked. What happened was that some Google pages members deliberately uploaded malicious code on to the Google hosting service. Google’s response is to remove these malicious pages when notified but they are working on a more permanent solution. My apologies to Google for my misunderstanding. […]

In fairness to Google, they are acting as a free web hosting company and it’s the users creating the malicious content. The same thing could happen with any hosting service though it’s less likely since payments had to be made before a site can be hosted and the owner is a little easier to track. A free web hosting service like Google pages may lend itself to this sort of malicious activity so it will be interesting to see what Google will do about this in the long term.

Yeah. There’ll always be nutcases who want to screw a good service and try to ruin it for everyone.

June 19, 2006 by Coolz0r in:

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