Google Video Shows # Of Views

By Nathan Weinberg

Google Video has taken an excellent page out of YouTube’s playbook, adding transparency by showing the number of views for every video (and number of views this week, if you click a ยป). While no doubt this will anger some video producers, who probably wanted to keep silent how unpopular their stuff is, YouTube made it practically a requirement.

As Philipp asks: What is the most viewed video of all time on Google Video, since Google doesn’t provide that info? Here’s what I’ve found:

If you find any video not listed with at least 2 million views, let me know.

How does this compare with YouTube? The top YouTube videos have 32 million, 15 million and 9 million views, trumping all the top Google Videos. Google appears to have less copyrighted material at the top, but still a fair share. Neither seems to have any quality, original content (or even emo crap videoblogs) in the most popular material. Google has more short, stupid, videos of people getting hurt.

My favorites in the top Google Videos are:

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