New Yahoo Mail Released

By Nathan Weinberg

Yahoo has finally released its much anticipated Mail beta to all users, reports Richard MacManus. The new mail site is chock full of AJAX, and includes tabs within the interface, letting you switch between the inbox, multiple messages, multiple compose windows, all in one page, all without reloading anything. They also bring an integrated calendar, drag and drop email organization, message previews and RSS reading. The tabs look like the killer feature, one that will likely win over a lot of users (and stem the slow gains Gmail has been having).

My wife uses Windows Live Mail, the coming update to Hotmail, and it looks great, although not as advanced as Yahoo Mail does. As unbelievable as it may seem, Gmail is strictly in third place at this point. Is Google planning a major feature dump before Gmail leaves beta, or is the Gmail we see now the one that’ll still be around a few years from now? If Google believes what they’ve got so far is enough, they’ve got another thing coming.

Richard, who has a podcast interview with Y!Mail’s director, also has some great screenshots. They’re on Flickr, so I’m sharing them:

Look at those tabs:

Calendar view:

RSS Reader:

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9 Responses to “New Yahoo Mail Released”

  1. Francis Ocoma Says:

    No labels. Annoying ads. Calendar and Notepad interface still old. Lame.

    Just kidding, I’ve been using Yahoo Mail Beta myself for some time now, at least occasionally. Still, they’ll have to do more than drag-and-drop and tabs to make me switch from Gmail.

  2. Vulf Says:

    Seems like outlook to me; too complicated. Gmail is simple that’s one of it’s strenghts. Besides the real strenght of gmail lies under the hood. Unbeatable search, labels - which make organising easy (I hate spending time on moving mail to folders)- huge amount of space, ability use several email domains, almost perfect spam filter… And of course that accessibility. Some people may not realize that Google doesn’t force them to use web based interface. There are not many web based email services that you can access with any device - ranging from mobile phone browsers to lynx using remote shell.

    It was just a few reasons why people who start using gmail would never give it upp. People use Gmail because everything just works. The reason for why the two giants have so big market share is because they have been around longer and people are not eager to change their email addresses.

  3. menneke Says:

    I’m in Europe (Greece) and still get the same old interface…

  4. James Kirk Says:

    The biggest GMail feature - when I log in, I go straight to my Inbox. No bullshit page to read first.

  5. Michael Akerman Says:

    God, I hope GMail never ends up with as many “features” as Live Mail and Yahoo Mail. I don’t want my webmail to be so heavy. That is what desktop clients are for (which I don’t use), in my opinion.

    Gmail needs to either stay as simple as it is, or let the user choose whether they want the rich variety or the simple variety after they introduce a more feature-laden version.

  6. Slim Says:

    Stats 101 says that you can’t use a pie chart for data the do not compromise 100% of the study population. ie. in your chart - the “other” email services that will make up the rest is missing.


  7. Chris C. Says:

    I echo earlier comments; I appreciate the simplicity, speed, storage, searchability, and accessibility of Gmail. Yahoo and Hotmail can introduce all the “advanced features” that they want, but until they give me a free option for forwarding/POP I will never switch.

  8. Nathan Weinberg Says:

    Slim: Technically, it isn’t a pie chart, since the slices are exploded and I never quote percentages. The rest of the email services are simply not represented.

    That, or I ate those slices :-D

  9. Nathan Weinberg Says:

    Oh, and did you like the chart? I used Office 2007. It sure does rock, visually.

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