Worldwide Google Video Rankings

By Nathan Weinberg

Google Video has a new page, one that shows you the top 100 videos, or the top movers, divided by country. This is available in every country’s Google Video, although it could cause problems with videos that are popular in one country and not allowed in others. You could previously see top Google Videos, but not as well organized in a single place. I just wish Google had thought to make this a Google Trends service.

To give an example: The number one videos:


Creepy (and inaccurate) “Steve Irwin stingray video - Extreme”

Also #1 in U.S., Canada, UK, India and Australia.

#1 Germany and Switzerland:

Walter Moers - Der Bonker

#1 China:


#1 Russia and Spain:

Bagman (WARNING: Very explicit)

#1 Japan:

Otaku Culture

#1 Israel:

Painful Kick boxing Accident !! ORIGINAL - NO SPOOF ! INSANE !

#1 Mexico:

Allison Fragil

#1 Hong Kong:

公園偷拍 (appears to be two people having sex in a discrete way in a public park)

#1 France:

Fittness cica (incredibly fat woman in bikini on a treadmill)

#1 Italy:

Trailer di “Incantesimi” lo spettacolo 2006 di Beppe Grillo

#1 Vietnam:

Physics 10 - Lecture 01: Atoms and Heat

I kind of doubt the stats on the Vietnam one. Perhaps Google doesn’t have a lot of users in that country.

So, what does your number one Google Video say about your country?

Two other video stories:

Warner is pulling their music videos from Yahoo. Could this be part of the YouTube deal?

Yahoo picked up Jumpcut, which lets you remix and edit video online. Looks like a smart aquisition, the type Google usually does.

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