Google Reader Updated

By Nathan Weinberg

Google Reader has been updated with an all new look, one that is a cross between the simplicity of Gmail and the tried-and-true Bloglines model. Tossing most of the old system out the window, the new Reader features a two-pane view, with labels as expandable folders in the left pane. The rest of the page is where you read your feeds, and the view is big, easy-to-read, and with lots of options right at your fingertips. You can also use that area as a list view, identical to your typical Gmail inbox. Reader looks ready to handle the demands of a full-fledged RSS reader, and that makes me happy.

One caveat: It doesn’t work at all in Opera. Shame, since I really, really like it now. In fact, Reader is similar enough to Bloglines, with enough unique features, that I’d maybe consider switching if it worked in my favorite browser. Reader’s home view includes a few articles chosen from some of your favorite blogs. There are a lot of useful keyboard shortcuts.

Also, look at how cool the shared items feature prints out. It’s like if became an auto-blogging tool.

Here’s Chris Wetherell, introducing and demoing the new Reader:

Google should do these videos for every product launch in the future.

Read more at the Google blog and the Google Reader blog, Niall Kennedy, ReadWriteWeb, Scoble and TechCrunch.

UPDATE: On my system, Reader hogs 100% of the CPU when open in IE7 on Windows Vista, even when completely idle. Anyone else experiencing performance hog problems?

UPDATE 2: Philipp notes that you can revert to the old design in the settings, and that Google has “feed bundles”, with similar categorized feeds, that you can subscribe to.

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5 Responses to “Google Reader Updated”

  1. RichB Says:

    Tags - since when have Google ever used that word instead of label?

  2. Michael Schaap Says:

    Nice indeed!

    The only thing that’s stopping me from switching from Bloglines, is the mobile interface - Bloglines’ is way better.
    The two main things I’m missing in Google Reader mobile are:
    1) Hierarchical list of feeds, so you can read feed by feed.
    2) Google Mobile-ized links to external pages, such as the full article link.

    - Michael

  3. Nathan Weinberg Says:

    Rich: Holy crap, you’re right! That’s a first for the Goog.

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    […] Update: reviews are trickling in from Niall Kennedy, Scoble, Nathan (who finds another nice easter egg and wants Reader to work in Opera), Philipp, and Read/WriteWeb. In my mind, this version of Google Reader feels like a stake in the ground, but it wouldn’t surprise me to see the Reader team continue pushing to make Reader better and better. […]

  5. Search Engine Roundtable Says:

    Google Reader Updated: More Friendly to Power RSS Users

    A WebmasterWorld thread discusses the update to Google Reader, Google’s RSS Reader. I am not going to do the review, but I wanted to link to Matt Cutts’s review of the product. He does a great job comparing the reader…

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