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Google Pulls Off The YouTube Deal, Twice

Google Video announced this morning the exact same deal YouTube recently announced, giving Google Video users access to Warner Music Group content. The kicker? They also got access to Sony BMG.

Under the terms of the Warner deal, Google users in the U.S. get access to Warner’s music video collection, artist interviews, “behind-the-scenes” footage and other artist-related content from WMG on Google Video. Warner will also be making available video content to the AdSense network. Music videos will be ad-supported, or available for purchase for $1.99. Certain AdSense publisher will be able to run ad-supported, content-relevant Warner videos, and get a share of the revenue generated by the ads.

And, of course, the kicker:

Facilitating User-Generated Content
WMG and Google are working together to allow users access to music from WMG’s recorded music library for use in their creative user-generated productions. Once Google’s technology is implemented, content companies such as Warner Music Group will have the opportunity to monetize the use of music in user-generated content, or if they choose, have the content removed from the platform.

The Sony BMG deal is very similar, and, unlike the Warner deal, has not been matched by YouTube. Google Video gets Sony’s music videos (no word on purchased downloads), ad-supported. AdSense publisher get to run ad-supported, content-relevant Sony videos and get a share of the ad revenue.


Facilitating User-Generated Content
SONY BMG MUSIC ENTERTAINMENT and Google will also work together to create a groundbreaking new service that will allow music fans to access user-created music video content featuring certain material from SONY BMG MUSIC ENTERTAINMENT’s library of recorded music, while at the same time respecting the rights of artists and copyright holders.

This is all just very exciting. These deals make the prospect of putting your content on Google Video much more attractive, since you have options not available most other places. Once the deals are in place, getting to use Sony and Warner music in videos opens up a wide range of possibilities, especially for good videobloggers. The fact that both Google Video and YouTube have a deal with Warner means you can use both services, so long as you limit yourself to Warner music. I can’t wait to see what comes out of all this in the future.

For the record, I don’t think Google is buying YouTube, but crazier things have happened.

UPDATE: TechCrunch says that YouTube just announced a similar deal with Sony BMG, evening up with Google, and pulling two extra: deals with CBS and Vivendi Universal Music Group. The Vivendi deal is identical to the Sony and Warner ones, centering on music and music video content, while the CBS deal is for clips from Survivor and previews of upcoming shows, and other content.

The New York Times is reporting that, barring any last-minute problems, Google and YouTube will announce a deal tonight, after the close of trading. Wow. I really didn’t think they’d pull it off.

October 9th, 2006 Posted by Nathan Weinberg | Google Video, Search, General | no comments

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