Google Gets Easier On Hiring

By Nathan Weinberg

The Wall Street Journal has an article today about how Google is adjusting its hiring process following years of criticism, as its needs for a ton of more employees have outstripped its desire to put every candidate through hell.

Some details:

  • In March, Google hired a new head of human resources, Laszlo Bock from GE.
  • By June, the number of interviews per candidate dropped from 6.2 to 5.1.
  • Google is now hiring 16 new employees a day.
  • End of 2003: 1,628 employees. 2004: 3,021. 2005: 5,680. September 2006: 9,378.
  • Sergey Brin famously once interviewed a candidate wearing a Halloween cow costume, complete with udders.
  • Some new staffers don’t have college degrees, just solid professional track records.
  • Part of the reason they need to fix the system: While they drag on, deciding wether to hire someone, many times that person will get another job offer and just go
  • Google did a survey of its employees to determine common factors it could look for in future hires, a risky and unproven idea.

Google’s hiring has long been a topic of debate, and if they are truly turning a corner, the company and the industry should benefit.
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  1. undisclosed Says:

    Google looking for a Software Engineer?
    I’ll work for free!

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