Bloggers Planning To Google Bomb The Election

By Nathan Weinberg

A Democrat blogger has drawn up a plan to Google Bomb the names and most common searches for 70 major Republican candidates, hopefully in time for the November election. A Republican blogger has said to “fight fire with fire”, and drawn up an opposing list for other bloggers to copy. Seems like a solid plan, even if it does manipulate Google, although it is a bit too close to the election to be completely effective.

Likely, if the plans get enough supporters, they’ll manage top ten spots for most of the candidates. In future years, I could see concentrated efforts by major political groups, months in advance, to Google Bomb their way to the top, involving advanced analysis of articles likely to rank well. For now, the Democrat plan is tops, because if it fails, it involves purchasing Google AdWords instead.
(via MSNBC > Bloggers Blog > Digg)

October 26, 2006 by Nathan Weinberg in:

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