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Google Foundation Off To Slow But Charitable Start

Chris O’Brien read through the form 990 for 2006 filed by the Google Foundation, the charity arm of Google. He found a number of interesting things, including that the Google Foundation was started on $90 million endowment, is run by Dr. Larry Brilliant (who does not get a salary from the Foundation, but is paid by Google itself), and that the Foundation had revenue of $4.07 million and paid out $2.096 million.

So, it’s a slow start, which is alright, since they are trying to build a successful and world-changing charity organization (everybody wishes they could be as good at this as Bill Gates). The biggest recipient of Google’s generosity so far? The World Bank-sponsored Development Marketplace, whichfunds health. nutrition and population programs in developing countries.
(via Valleywag)

September 9th, 2007 Posted by Nathan Weinberg | | one comment

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  1. I am the communications manager for and wanted to clarify that, the philanthropic arm of Google, disburses some, but not all, of its funding support via the channel of the Google Foundation. In 2006, gave $4.2m to 13 grantees. $2.1m from DotOrg; $2.1m from the Google Foundation. 2006 was a ramp up year for as the executive director, Dr. Larry Brilliant was hired in 2006. Our giving for 2007 has already exceeded the total for 2006.

    Comment by Jacquelline Fuller | September 10, 2007

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