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Links For May 13, 2008

Cal Ripken Jr. Speaks at Google

In this video, see baseball Hall of Famer Cal Ripken Jr. speak at Google as part of its Authors@Google series.

Google Earth To Get Google Ocean
Google plans on adding a tool, either within Google Earth or as its own thing, that will allow for users to explore 3D underwater topography. The “tool” being discussed in this article is basically Google adding the sea floor, letting users see the contour of the ocean floor in detail and allow Google to add data above it about the ocean.

Cinco De Mayo Search Logos ran a nice homepage design for Cinco De Mayo. Sadly, they misspelled the name of the day:


Here’s the original image, good for a desktop background:


Also, here’s Yahoo’s logo:

Google Shuts Down Hello
Google is shuttering Hello, the IM-style photo sharing service it received in the acquisition of Picasa four years ago. Hello was an unsung product with exciting potential, so much so that my article calling it “Google’s Most Underrated Product” in October 2004 was the first ever article on InsideGoogle to get widely noticed, thanks to links from CNet and other major sites. The thing about underrated things is that you’re supposed to realize that you can benefit a lot from recognizing them, and Google never did.

What will happen to, possibly the best domain name Google owns?

YouTube Layout Updated Again

Google Presentations Embeds Change Sizes
Now, if you want to embed a Google Docs presentation in your blog or website, you can change its size to have it match the layout of your site, making it fit in much better.

YouTube Running Playboy Casting Call
Playboy magazine is running a contest to give one “lucky” woman a trip to Hollywood and a chance to be featured in Playboy. Just upload a video audition to YouTube, but keep in mind that YouTube won’t let you show all the reasons Playboy should choose you.

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