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Krugle Open Source Search Engine

Krugle is an open source search engine that went live last month. You can search for code, code-related pages and running open source projects.
You can save the results, edit them and share them with friends or co-workers. There’s also a blog to stay on top of the latest developments.


Very handy indeed. The coolest part is that you can select a specific coding language to find exactly what you’re looking for.

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Yahoo Sitemap Tool

Randy wrote a cute little utility that generates a sitemap for a website. He used the Yahoo! Explorer API to extract the URLs, so you have to be indexed by Yahoo! to benefit. But, if you are well indexed by Yahoo! and not well indexed by Google, then this is likely the utility you were always looking for. A limitation of Yahoo! Explorer API limits the sitemap to 1000 webpages.

Head over to his blog; click on the link, open the zip file and run the executable inside (requires .NET 2.0). Type the website address you want to create the sitemap for and click the Generate button. Either copy the generated XML or click the Save button to save the XML file to disk.

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Link Within Google Video

From the Google Video Blog:

You’re watching this documentary on monkeys and then halfway through, this monkey does the funniest thing ever. So of course, you want nothing more than to share this hilarious monkey moment with your friends. Now, on Google Video, doing just that is easier than ever.

Now you can email links to specific points inside a video! All you have to do is add the time you’d like to share to the end of a video’s URL. We support hours (h), minutes (m), and seconds (s).

For example, Invisible Board is a 1 min 46 sec long video but I believe the coolest part is at 1 min 26 sec, so all I have to do is add #1m26s to the link I’m going to send to my friends! Just like this:

Now that is a very cool feature. I’ve tested it myself and it’s really great! Two thumbs up!

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Google For The Blind

A blind developer at Google has built a search engine to prioritise results that are accessible to visually impaired web users. The Google Labs project, launched last week, has been welcomed by RNIB and its US counterpart, AFB.

From The Register:

Put a query into Google Accessible Search and a standard Google search begins. But before the results are presented, they are re-ordered to prioritise those pages identified as the most likely to be accessible to visually impaired users.

The identification and prioritising process was the work of recent recruit TV Raman, a computer scientist with a wealth of experience in accessible technologies whose stated objective is “to develop technologies that drive the future of the web toward eyes-free, ubiquitous information access.”

See it here:

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TechDirt Vs. Google News

From TechDirt’s ‘Just tryin’ to help’ department:

Google News has included Techdirt as one of its sources for a few years now. It doesn’t bring much traffic, to be honest, but it’s nice that we’re included. For some unknown reason, Google News changed something on July 6th, so that all of our stories appearing in Google News now show up with the headline “Permalink to this story.” We hadn’t made any changes to our site, and Google News had always performed flawlessly in the past. We figured the folks at Google News might want to know about the glitch, so our VP of Product Development Dennis Yang emailed them a friendly note pointing out that something on their end appeared to have broken. What followed was a series of emails from Google staff (much of it sounding like boilerplate “canned” responses) that in almost every case blamed us for their own glitch. That’s what we get for trying to point out a glitch to them.

Read more at TechDirt

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Google Boeing

Funniest piece in the article:

I’m now required by the Federal Aviation Administration to give the following safety instructions, because our aircraft is in beta and always will be:

In the event of a sudden loss of cabin pressure, stock options will drop from the ceiling above you. Please inflate the options until you feel financially secure.

In the event of a sudden loss of propulsion, look under your seat for the blue, red, yellow and green Google parachute. Place the straps around your shoulders, tighten the waist belt, jump out of the aircraft and press the “I’m Feeling Lucky” button on your chest.

In the event of a water landing, Sergey and Larry will have no problem walking for help.

In keeping with Sergey and Larry’s preferences regarding security and privacy, our destination is secret.

Read more of this funny article

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Where’s Nathan?

Nathan has disappeared from the blogosphere. His honeymoon is supposed to be over for a while already but he hasn’t posted anything for the last six days. He hasn’t showed up online for the last six days either, so nobody knows where he is. A few possible answers:

1. He’s chained to a sink, doing the dishes, the laptop is out of reach.
2. His wife forbids him to blog, now that he’s married he has to obey.
3. He extended his honeymoon by at least a week, having fun somewhere.
4. Something happened.

I don’t know which one of these 4 it is, but I hope it’s not the last one. I’ve been posting a few things on his blog (the last 10+ items) but I don’t have the time to start moderating the 6000 comments that are in the cue.
Has anyone seen Nathan?

Nathan Weinberg, Missing.

Also on KBCafe and Marketing Thoughts

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Google Maps Meets YouTube

Philipp points to a nice mashup of Google Maps, where YouTube movies have been integrated. Fun!

Virtual Video Map

Visit the Virtual Video Map

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Free Google WiFi is a fact

From Digg:

Google lights up their free wifi for the first time! The link is a Google map of access points and dead spots in the Mountain View area. Expect to see this officially launch later this summer.

Check it out on

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Google-based Malware Search Tool

The Register points to a handy tool for malware seekers:

The creator of the Metasploit hacking tool has released code that can be used to find malicious software using specially-crafted Google search queries. The malware search engine created by H.D. Moore can be found here.

Google’s search engine indexes not only file types such as PDFs and HTML files (for example), but executable files as well. Many, but not all, of these hits will correspond to legitimate download sites. Moore’s malware search engine has been coded with around 300 malware signatures (plans are afoot to expand this database). The search engine searches the web to find live samples of executable files associated with these signatures.

i don’t know who would actually actively search for malware, but hey, now you can!

Read more on The Register

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ComScore Update

Search Engine Guide points to the release of the latest comScore numbers and summarizes:

it turns out that both Google and Yahoo! have grown by half a percentage share since last month.
MSN on the other hand slid down 0.3% while Ask fell 0.2%.
Overall search numbers were in decline, dropping 6% from May’s numbers.
Nonetheless, June’s 6.4 billion searches still represented a nearly 30% increase over this time last year.
Google and Yahoo! continue to run neck and neck in the toolbar race, holding on to 49.6% and 46.1% respectively.

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Google China And The Travel Consumer

HotelMarketing announces:

Google China will announce its future plans for the booming Chinese travel industry at the upcoming EyeforTravel Travel Distribution China 2006 conference to be held in Beijing 22-23 August. Johnny Chou, President of Sales and Business Development for the search engine giant will be presenting on a session discussing how Google is targeting the Chinese travel consumer and the merits of Search as a distribution channel.

This year the event has seen record bookings – a large proportion of which are senior travel executives from across mainland China all keen to form international partnerships and learn first hand from the excellent line up of speakers.

It’ll be interesting to see what Google will propose for this multi-billion consumer market.

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Q2 Looking Solid For da GOOG

From Forbes:

In a preview of second-quarter earnings from Internet firms Yahoo!, eBay and Google, UBS Investment Research said it sees limited downside risk to shares of all three companies.

“We believe that the risk/reward scenario for most of our Internet names is positive,” wrote analyst Benjamin Schachter. “While we do not expect a particularly eventful earnings season in terms of qualitative newsflow, we believe that at current levels there is limited downside risk.” […]

Mountain View, Calif.-based Google, which the analyst rates “neutral,” is also likely to post solid results, the analyst said, but with more limited upside than in the previous quarter, when the company posted net revenue growth of 19%, well above his estimate of 11%. “Our best guess is that second quarter 2006 may be Google’s first ever single-digit sequential growth quarter,” he said.

Read more at Forbes

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How Search Engines Determine Rankings

From PromotionWorld:

Key SEMLogic(TM)findings on the top ten web pages ranked for the key phrase “laptop” on the Google, Yahoo and MSN include:

  • Off-page optimization factors out-weighed any on-page optimization factors.
  • In-bound link quality was the most important factor across all three engines. However, each engine’s optimal range for link quality was different.
  • In determining in-bound link quality, the reputation of the originating web page was more important than the page’s relevance to the keyword “laptop.”
  • In-bound link quantity was the least important factor among off-page factors.
  • The most important on-page factor for Google was title-tag keyword density.
  • Web pages that successfully ranked across the engines all had strong values in at least the two most important influential factors for each search engine respectively.

More about this on PromotionWorld

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Google Frequency Coming?

From WebProNews:

Things have been quiet since Google acquired radio automation firm dMarc in January. At that time, Google laid down just over a hundred million dollars for dMarc, which had already built a successful network of some 4,700 radio stations using its ad scheduling and reporting software. […]

Google is naturally tight-lipped about when its radio ad service will debut, but all of these signs indicate that Google Radio will likely be deployed sooner, rather than later. dMarc’s technology is mature and operational; meaning that the only significant programming tasks involve integrating it with Adwords. A few key missing pieces to the puzzle remain missing. How will Adwords users actually create the audio ads? Will they record the spots on their own and upload them, or submit scripts which will be read by human readers (or perhaps machines?) What kind of auction will be used to sell them?

Read this interesting piece

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AdSense Blog In Dutch & Spanish

Google announced the lauch of the Spanish and Dutch AdSense blog. Very nice of Google.

Spanish blog here
Dutch blog here

Thanks, Philipp

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Google Is Run By Idiots

John Battelle points to a humorous entry on the Reuters blog. It’s an interview with Eric Schmidt, complete with an audio file. Battelle selected a funny piece of the interview:

“(During the 2004 IPO process), between the time we filed and the time we went public, the press was among the most unpleasant I have ever experienced.
“We (Google management) were ‘idiots,’ we were ‘useless’… I thought ‘God.’…It is a terrible feeling of being on the other side of that (press coverage).
“So we looked at (Google’s Web site) traffic and revenue and they were exploding… We had a very, very strong quarter right after the worst possible press about ‘the idiots running the company.’
“I don’t know what that tells you.
Schmidt then paused and begged the reporters to create a new Google press frenzy:
“So, yes we are IDIOTS — and please WRITE THAT DOWN.”

More funny quotes at Battelle’s, or at the listed links to Reuters

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520 Google Domains

From ProNetAdvertising:

Have you ever wondered how many domain names Google owns? Currently Google owns 520 domain names. Their domain collection has been growing over the last couple years because of all of the companies they started and have bought. Some of these domain names are not in Google’s name, but in the company’s name that they purchased.

Check out the entire list here

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