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Google Docs Coming Tomorrow

Steve Bryant says that Google is going to unveil “Google Docs” tomorrow. Docs will be a web app that combines all of Writely and Spreadsheets in a single place, letting you create text documents and spreadsheets from one product. Users will be able to publish their documents to their own websites, including blogs, and export to a bunch of file formats. This is smart, because it means Google won’t have to tack on collaborative features, it will just be one program that works well with itself. Many Microsoft Office users move back and forth between programs, and that doesn’t work well with web apps, so combining the two is a much better idea.

Don’t believe it? is 404 right now.

It has a favicon. Things that don’t exist usually don’t have their own icons.

Also, Writely has been taken down for “scheduled maintenance” at midnight tonight. The site may go up and down, so don’t bother trying to edit on it (although refreshing to check out Google Docs is alright), so they suggest watching the first game of the World Series.

I’ll ignore their error, which suggests Writely will not return until sometime after October 21.
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UPDATE: TechCrunch just published an article titled, “Zoho Virtual Office Launching Tomorrow; Racing Google to Market“, yet the article makes almost no references to Google. Yeah, they know its coming. Skating that embargo, huh, Marshall?

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Writely Now On Google Accounts

The Google Account implementation is now live at If you have a Google Account email address different from your Writely login, then login with your Google Account and then click one of the links to migrate your documents from your old account into your new account (or you can click this link). Your new account will take all the old documents away from the old account and replace your position in those documents.

A note, if your old Writely account is a different email address than your Google Account, you now have a Google Account in that address. Even after migrating, that Google Account exists. That can be kind of weird, so be aware.

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Writely To Open To All Google Accounts

A Writely help page indicates that signing in to Writely will soon be switched over to Google Accounts, opening up the service to anyone who has signed up for Gmail.

If anyone with a Google Account can sign in to Writely, does this mean I can sign in with my Gmail account? (Coming Soon)

Yes. Although not all Google Accounts are Gmail Accounts, all Gmail Accounts are Google Accounts, so your Gmail password and email address will work to access Writely.

I would not be surprised if Google integrates this into the Gmail services bar (the one that currently links users to Calendar, Photos and Spreadsheets).

Jason blogged that Writely sent out an email to its users letting them know of the coming change. The email read, according to ReviewSaurus:

Dear [user],

In a few days, we will update your Writely account to use your [user] Google Account registration settings.

This means you’ll need to use your Google Account password when signing in, not your Writely password (if they’re different).

If you’ve forgotten your Google Account password, just go to

Google Writely Team

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Writely Open For All

Google has taken the invite system off Writely. Now, you can sign up for Google’s web-based word processor without any sort of wait (or hunting for a buddy already in the system). The Writely blog also says they will be moving to a Google Account sign-in in the future.
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